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Art saves lives!

Sally Hoffman

Wonderful, Michael and thanks again for all of your time and effort - even though I know you've had fun doing it:O) Cheers, Sally


Very awesome


Please Michael, would you leave me a charcoal drawing with note, down by the brook, at the bottom of my road?


Loving this. I will be abandoning lots before I see you at Valley Ridge. I have discovered lots of "lost" art cause I have been rooting around for stuff to abandon. Love this idea. Hope recipients will do likewise.

Gail Bales

Love this group already. Would love to find a piece of your art! Super idea and I can't wait to see what else you have in mind for this group.

Jen Crossley

what a wonderful idea
I love the concept

Lenna Young Andrews

awesome! So glad I found the facebook group thanks to kathie gillaspey. I will definitely be participating!

Beth Reiman

A wonderful idea that is so timely! And this abandoning can be addicting!!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Great idea. I used to do this with books.

Kae Pea

Can't wait to abandon some art! :)


I am so excited to be doing this. Thought you would like to see a website for a glass artist who has been doing this since 1976. I've always wanted to find one of his pieces.


thank you for allowing me in your group. i have loads of creations that I had no clue what to do with. Now I know. You are awesome.

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries

This is great! I never joined Facebook, but I can give you the link of my blogpost...because I just left a little artwork in my village.
Exciting!!! :-)

greetings, Alie :-)


I found a piece. :) I had never heard of art abandonment before but its really cool. :) i just wanted to thank everyone for doing this.

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I found a piece. :) I had never heard of art abandonment before but its really cool. :) i just wanted to thank everyone for doing this.


What fun this would be. I have been "salting" the beach for a long time, with painted and glittered rocks and shells. It's a happy feeling to sit back and be anonymous and watch (especially kids) find a treasure while they are shell hunting. I may try leaving art somewhere. Its always nice to share. And what a great way to do something with all that small art that sits in a drawer! Thanks Michael. (linked here from Miss Kool Aid)

this sounds alot like my Painted Rock - Found Art project I'm desperately trying to get going. I would love others to join in, too:

Lori Moon

So fun - I leave flowers randomly around NYC. Here is a link to my blog post - I'll have to check out your group on facebook.

Arnoldo L. Romero

I found out about Art Abandonment through a blogger that left a comment on my blog. It sounds like fun, so I've just requested to join the group on Facebook. I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I loved your book DUSTY DIABLOS. I wrote a review on it for Amazon under my Latinpod pen name. The book also inspired me to start my own Loteria tag series. I have 2 done and am working on a 3rd one. It may take me a while to complete it, since I have a full time job. LOL! Blessings!


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i can not express how excited I was to be the lucky one to have found this beautiful piece of art work - glass blown gazing balls! I was totally shocked to have read the note and found out this is what local artists do! I have always wanted to have one but could not really afford one at this time! I really was speechless at this very generous gesture. I called all my friends and relatives and told this story, some of them being artistic of some sort and they too have never heard of this, but they were just as impressed and surprised as I was. I have placed them on my dining table where I will gaze at and cherish them! Thank you so much for sharing!


I love the idea of Art Abandonment. At one time I was dabbling in geocaching and reminds me somewhat of that but to find something precious so unexpectedly is even better. I have a problem "letting go" of items that I make because I wonder if the things I make are not as good as I think they are so I end up keeping them for myself. I think it is time to part with them. Thanks for introducing me to Art Abandonment!

nina k

found beautiful artwork in the cobblestone center in UA ohio! It made my day! what a cool idea, thank you artist!!


I wonderment why other professionals don't respond your website overmuch m happy I plant this.

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